21 HUSTLEEFUSL Test Questions

Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to take the HUSTLEEFUSLL Test®. Based on 20 years of research and thousands of hours in personal ministry, this test is designed to determine an individual’s desire to build Spiritual Wealth.

JLE Prayer Warrior Church is committed to helping you achieve your spiritual goals. Our purpose is to help Christian families who are going through spiritual struggles learn how to build Spiritual Wealth so they can experience transformative benefits Spiritually, Financially, Relationally and make a lasting impact on the world. We introduce you to integrative spiritual healing and deliverance for whole spiritual well-being. If you would like specialized attention to fulfilling your spiritual desires, allow me to make the following recommendations:

  • Consider visiting our ministry office in Brooklyn, New York, for a Spiritual Education Encounter with me. We’ll carefully address a wide range of spiritual needs, including developing a close-knit relationship with God and building genuine, lasting relationships with your fellow man, taking control over anxiety, anger, and spiritual oppression.

  • Please attend one of our 21-day Spiritual Wealth-building Programs and arrange for a 30-minute session with me. We’ll help you find direction for building your Spiritual Wealth and quickly turn your spiritual failures into successes in your health, finances, and relationships. (click here for our latest schedule).

  • Receive ministry through various virtual telecommunication methods (Skype, FaceTime, Duo, Zoom) or by telephone.

  • Connect with one of our RPN® (Remote Prayer Network) spiritual education and deliverance teams in more than 100 cities worldwide. They will arrange a time to meet with you and minister to your Spiritual Wealth-building needs.

Whatever decision you make about the next step in your Spiritual Wealth-building journey, we will join you in prayer for your full Spiritual Wealth recovery and restoration. There is hope, and the first step on your journey to recovering your Spiritual Wealth begins with the HUSTLEEFUSLL Test® you are about to take. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you to find true Wealth.



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